Mechanical Ride Thumber Speeds Hitch-Hikers Across Country (Feb, 1938)

Mechanical Ride Thumber Speeds Hitch-Hikers Across Country

CREDIT for their crossing of the continent in twenty-seven days is given by two Maine college students to the odd mechanical thumber which they used to hitch auto rides. A wooden hand with thumb extended is pivoted to a metal destination sign supported by a hollow pole. Pulling a wire operates a spring to jerk the hand in the approved hitch-hiker’s gesture.

  1. Stannous says: April 7, 20078:23 am

    Gee, only 27 DAYS!
    Last time I hitched from SF to NJ it took 8 days and I went via Oregon, Idaho and Montana.

  2. MAKE: Blog says: April 7, 20075:17 pm

    Trained roaches smuggle smokes, universe in a dish, watch-case phonographs……

    Trained Cockroach smuggles smokes, nice hack – Link. Inventors on the air, it’s like “American Inventor” but on the radio from the 1930’s (and I bet a lot better) – Link. How the universe was formed (experiment!) – Link…….

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