Mechanical Wonder Man Is Operated By Radio Control (Dec, 1936)

Mechanical Wonder Man Is Operated By Radio Control

“ROBIE,” a mechanical robot walks, talks, smokes and winks his eyes when electrical impulses are transmitted to his “radio” brain. The unusual animated character is the work of Arthur Wilson, of Chicago, Illinois. More than a year’s work and the assistance of three men were required to perfect the robot which is constructed of sheet metal and wood.

The interior of the mechanical wonder man is a maze of electrical apparatus which is used in providing speech and motion. A special receiver picks up the shortwave impulses sent out by his remote controlled mind, station W9X10, to provide animation.

  1. TimE says: July 7, 20113:55 am

    Robie is so cool he even smokes!

  2. Hirudinea says: July 7, 20111:33 pm

    Its a bad thing when electronics somke!

  3. dorkly chair of the institute for space politics says: July 7, 20113:46 pm

    So this predates Elektro for the smoking robot, right?

  4. John says: July 7, 20115:06 pm

    Bu about a year or so. But it follows the other Westinghouse robots that also smoked…

  5. Toronto says: July 7, 20115:26 pm

    But he can’t be a man ’cause he doesn’t smoke the same cigarettes as me.

    I can’t get no satisfaction.

  6. Mike says: July 7, 20115:44 pm

    Toronto, because it is a robot I hope you were thinking of the DEVO remake of “Satisfaction.”

  7. John says: July 7, 20118:07 pm

    Mike ยป I thought it was a fairly obvious reference.

  8. Toronto says: July 7, 20118:42 pm

    Mike – definitely. CHOM-FM played it constantly.

    John – there *was* another version.

  9. dorkly chair of the institute for space politics says: July 7, 20119:53 pm

    Ah, didn’t know about the previous ones. Thanks for the heads-up.

  10. Timmay says: July 10, 20111:58 pm

    All the really great robots smoked. Heck, even Bender smokes.
    And who can forget that Morbius’ Robbie drank and manufactured straight Kentucky bourbon.

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