Medical science proves the HEALTH-PROMOTING VITAMINS A and D (Nov, 1934)

Medical science proves the HEALTH-PROMOTING VITAMINS A and D of cod liver oil are concentrated in these candy-like tablets

Science now gives you a pleasant, most convenient way of feeding your children the precious vitamins A and D of cod liver oil —without the nauseating, fatty acids which are so often upsetting. It gives you these valuable vitamins in candy-like form-White’s Cod Liver Oil Concentrate Tablets. Each tiny tablet contains the vitamins A and D of a teaspoonful of cod liver oil… Contains those qualities which aid in building resistance and promoting growth… Fine for teeth and bones.

These small tablets do away with all the old cod liver oil struggle: fishy odor, messy spoons, sticky bottles… Better still, they eliminate any chance of upsetting the child’s stomach.

You can always be sure that your child is getting an accurate dose … You can be sure that the vitamin potency is always constant. For White’s Cod Liver Oil Concentrate Tablets are protected against the destructive effects of time, light, and atmospheric changes.

You’ll find the tablets well suited to infant feeding. They dissolve quickly and completely, when crushed and mixed with orange juice, milk, or formula.

And grown-ups find White’s Cod Liver Oil Concentrate Tablets easy to carry, easy to take—no bulk, no mess.


  1. Jim D says: March 8, 20103:29 pm

    75 years later, lots of UK kids short of vitamins A & D


  2. Don says: March 10, 20109:54 am

    But the fatty acids from the fish oil are GOOD for us! At least, the ad that came up with this page tell me their product contains “HEART-HEALTY FATTY ACIDS” . . . and they wouldn’t lie about a thing like that . . . .

  3. LRedmon2 says: April 26, 20118:16 am

    Does anyone know if the White’s Cod Liver Oil tablets are still available and where they can be purchased?
    As children our 7 kids all took these and were always healthy.

    Thanks in advance

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