Meet Hans Krause (Apr, 1956)

He kinda looks like the love child of Hugh Grant and John Kerry.

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Meet Hans Krause

His pocket-size sculptures are soothing to handle, sweet-scented and habit-forming.

ONE PATH to serenity, say the Buddhists, is through contemplating certain objects: the sky, a tree, a design. Not relying on sight alone, the Chinese have long used hand stones—small objects combining form and smoothness in a way that makes them delicious to handle.

Hans Krause, a German sculptor living in the Mediterranean island of Ibiza, has revived the hand stone. Playing with his dactylforms (Greek daktylos means finger) not only replaces habits like smoking but can produce calmness even in extremely disturbed mental patients. While admitting their value as medicine, sculptor Krause insists that his pocket sculptures are primarily works of art. Each is an individual form in polished Savina wood, a rare Mediterranean material that takes a thousand years to grow and yields an aromatic scent when warmed in the hand.

  1. Mike says: January 8, 200911:32 pm

    Is that Roger Daltrey?

  2. rsterling78 says: January 9, 20091:57 am

    Looks like Roger Daltrey crossed with Ted Danson.

    By the way, was the “People Who Do Things” feature as good as the “Objects That Exist” section?

  3. Mike says: January 9, 20099:23 am

    I didn’t notice the note before but I do see a slight “Hugh Grant and John Kerry”

  4. sweavo says: January 9, 20099:24 am

    Hmm, I’m seeing Christopher Walken and Boris Karloff

  5. Charlene says: January 9, 20099:58 am

    I came here to suggest Roger Daltrey and Christopher Walken.

  6. Al Bear says: January 9, 200911:01 am

    It also sounds like such a nazi name 😉

  7. Rick says: January 9, 20092:41 pm

    Looks more like Lurch from the Addams Family.


  8. slim says: January 9, 20092:54 pm

    You can tell he’s a real artist cause he looks so serious and he wears a cravat.

  9. Charlie says: January 9, 20093:06 pm

    slim: Doesn’t that just make him German?

  10. Sean says: January 9, 20094:04 pm

    I can’t wait for the “People Who Do Nothing” feature.

  11. Dave says: March 31, 20093:06 am

    “Serenity now!”

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