Meet “SUZY” (Jan, 1951)

Wow, anthropomorphizing a buffer…. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to feel… Am I supposed to be attracted to my buffer? Erm, excuse me… Handheld Workshop.

Meet “SUZY” -a POWERFUL good friend to have around the house!
polishes, drills
brushes, mixes paint, saws, buffs, sharpens, sands, scrapes, grinds, routs

“SUZY KIT” — a complete workshop including a 1/4 h.p. PORTABLE POWERHOUSE and 27 PIECES, all for only $24.95
Let “SUZY” do it!

You can do every household job the easy way when “Suzy” comes to your house! For “Suzy” is a 27-piece kit with a powerhouse motor and all the practical accessories you need to buff andirons, polish cars & floors, sharpen knives and tools, scrape rust, sand woodwork, mix paint, drill holes, saw patterns, do scores of other jobs.

Never before has there been offered a kit so practical, so complete, so inexpensive and so powerful. Turn the motor on and things really happen, because “Suzy” packs 1/4 horsepower. And when she winds up to 3000 r.p.m., nothing will stall her out! In your hand, she’s light & easy to operate, weighs only 4 lbs.

Vic Downing, Pres. of Bertram Engineering, and designer of famous Bull tools, has this to say about the new kit: “I believe that ‘Suzy’ is the greatest tool value ever offered by Bertram or any other company.”


Most powerful 1/4″ elec. drill on the market, equipped with new “Handi-handle” that eliminates operator fatigue • new keyless chuck • adapter • 5″ rubber pad • 6″ sheepskin bonnet
• 6 assorted sanding discs • 7 assorted high-carbon steel drills • drill stand for bench work • arbor • grindstone • cloth buffing wheel • wire brush wheel • new router bit that also saws like a jig saw • handle and special clamp for floor polishing • Complete, as pictured, $24.95.

11-PIECE KIT (includes same drill motor with “Handi-handle,” chuck, adapter. 5″ rubber pad, 6″ sheepskin bonnet. 6 sanding discs)..$19.95

Includes handle and drill clamp, adapter, 5″ rubber pad, 6″ sheepskin bonnet, only $4.95.


  1. Stannous says: June 29, 20067:15 pm

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  2. Bob says: February 27, 200912:47 pm

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  3. Charlie says: February 27, 20091:40 pm

    I’m continually amazed at the variety of spam I get on this blog. Seriously, Abrasives?

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