MEET THE BESASIE X-2 (Feb, 1959)

This car apparently met a sad end in 1970

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ZERO to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds is fast enough to scorch the wrinkles on an asbestos-lined bald dome but that’s what the Besasie X-2 can do, claims its designer-builder, Raymond Besasie. The Milwaukee, Wis., inventor spent an estimated 5,200 hours and close to $20,000 building his dream car which features running lights on its sides. The center wheel-steered auto has no doors. You hop in and out via recessed step plates on either side of what would be doors on a conventional car. Power is provided by a Cadillac engine which, with a Besasie-made turbocharger, puts out over 400 hp. Two radiators in the rear-engined vehicle dispel heat with dual MEET THE fans that draw in air from scoops on each side of the body. The air is then expelled via a large grille at the rear of the car.

Besasie says, “I’m now getting from 20 to 22 mpg on high octane fuel while cruising at 62 mph.” Since the inventor expects even better gas mileage, this might very well be the “car of the future.”

  1. TomLR says: December 23, 20119:19 am

    So glad that this guy never made it to Detroit to design cars. I wonder if this was ever used as a prop in a 60s future-flick. Center-steering wheel. Hmmm. Mclaren looks a lot better.

  2. awh says: December 23, 201110:37 am

    That is totally scary!

    More info here:


  3. awh says: December 23, 201110:38 am

    That is totally scary!

    More information here:


  4. Charlene says: December 23, 20112:26 pm

    Of course he didn’t make it to Detroit: he stopped in bat country.

  5. EMFalk says: December 24, 201111:01 am

    Isn’t this the car Homer Simpson designed in Season 2 episode 15?
    “…sends him back to the designers determined to build the car with all sorts of weird effects like bubble domes, tail fins and several horns that play “La Cucaracha”. “

  6. Michael, N5RLR says: December 24, 20116:17 pm

    Tongue-in-cheek here, but…this looks like something Ghia (of 1955 Lincoln Futura/1966 Batmobile fame) would come up with on an acid trip.

    Still, I’m saddened by the car’s demise, after all that went into it.

  7. Daniel Rutter says: December 25, 20114:25 am

    It’s weird that so many of these sorts of cars are so very ugly. I mean projects like this, that someone’s poured a huge amount of serious effort and expertise into – not just some Bondo-mountain from a random dude’s back yard, but a proper bottom-to-top custom car.

    “Looks like a crosseyed catfish from the front, and a barbecue grill from the rear; yep, just what I’ve always dreamed of!”

  8. woofer says: December 27, 20118:26 pm

    The rear fender and tail light treatment previews the 1964 Caddie with its smallish fin and rectangular/oval tail/reflector pod slung underneath.

  9. face palm says: January 3, 20126:27 am

    This is so embarrassing for those of us associated with the male of the species.

    Don’t women have enough reasons to roll their eyes at us?

    If those were three nine-year olds, it would be a little more appropriate, but, sure enough, it appears to be three adult males that desperately hope they look “cool”.

    You know, it’s this kind of thing that makes the term “mature man” an oxymoron, with the emphasis on “moron”.

  10. Mike says: January 22, 20125:53 pm

    Hey, this car is great, it’s a wonderful piece of art.

  11. Don F says: January 22, 20128:58 pm

    Awwwww . . . that car has about the saddest face I’ve ever seen on a car; looks like it’s about to burst into tears!

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