Meet the new FORD “Country Squire” Station Wagon (Sep, 1950)

Meet the new FORD “Country Squire” Station Wagon

The “Double Duty” Dandy of them all!

Carries 8 big people in comfort… handles half a ton of freight with ease, thanks to “Stowaway” center seat and “Flat-Deck,” one level cargo space.

Just Look…

1. It’s got more flat carrying area than any other station wagon in its class. Simply remove rear seat—no tools required.

2. Lift and reverse center seat cushion with handy tab. Fold the “Stowaway” seat-back forward.

3. Slip insert panel in place and —presto—you have a continuous flat loading dak measuring nearly 9-1/2 feet to end of tailgate . . . 38.8 square feet of “level-loading” area.

Smart station wagon looks with welded all-steel body … . grained mahogany finished exterior steel panels framed in genuine birch or maple .. . torsion-bar type tailgate hinge .. . flush tailgate … non-sag cushion in driver’s seat with foam rubber pad … two-door design for greater strength, safety . . . two-tone tan vinyl and simulated leather upholstery and interior trim.
White sidewall tires, wheel trim rings, optional at extra cost.

So economical,too – to buy and to own… See your Ford Dealer

  1. Harry says: July 11, 20081:15 pm

    Early SUV!

  2. Blurgle says: July 11, 20081:56 pm

    It’s a Woodie!

  3. nlpnt says: July 11, 20085:02 pm

    The local Ford dealer has their first new Flex on the lot. Low and boxy, a look we haven’t seen in a while. Maybe it should be called “Country Square”.

  4. ratpack says: July 12, 20081:38 am

    this is just a Woodie station wagon
    Chevy made the first suburban in 1933

    Chevrolet offered a station wagon body, built on the 1/2 ton truck frame. This model was specifically built for National Guard units and Civilian Conservation Corps units. Much of the body was constructed from wood, and could seat up to eight occupants.

    and the suburban wasn’t the first SUV

  5. Joey O'Neill says: July 13, 20084:42 pm

    It’ll never catch on 😛

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