THE volume of a harmonica can be increased for playing in public, especially in large auditoriums or outdoors, by amplifying the sound with a medium-sized megaphone.

A slot is cut in the megaphone about 3 in. from the mouthpiece, and oyer this is riveted a metal holder made as illustrated below with two lips to grip the harmonica, which is of the “marine band” type.

When full volume is desired, the player places his left hand over the mouthpiece, causing practically alt the sound to pass out through the bell. A slight mute is obtained by extending the right hand over the bell.

Because greater volume is attained with less effort, this idea helps players who have experienced difficulty from lack of breath. Furthermore, the player does not have to face his audience directly, which is an advantage if he suffers from nervousness. Of course, when he carries the megaphone on the stage, he looks like a “crooner,” but as soon as he starts playing —well there’s a surprise in store for the audience.—Robert D. Pike.

  1. Anne says: May 6, 20081:08 am

    As if harmonicas weren’t already annoying enough.

  2. BARRET says: October 27, 20084:01 pm

    Merci de m’indiquer comment est-il possible d’acheter un mégaphone pour harmonica. Dans l’attente de vous lire sincères salutations. BARRET

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