Men DO MAKE Passes at Girls Who Wear Glasses (Oct, 1965)

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Men DO MAKE Passes at Girls Who Wear Glasses

Reminiscent of the exciting days of the ‘twenties’ is the new vamp eye-frame by Harlequin for the woman who understands the importance of the gentle art of flirtation. With a vivaciously upswept front, the vamp captures the very essence of femininity. The beveling adds subtle interest to the elegant simplicity of the frame and the gently styled temples with their new up-to-the-minute curves add a distinguished softness.

The vamp has been created in the vibrant tones so popular in both ready-to-wear and accessories this season. There is a stark black for the sheer sophisticate; and excitingly alive brown for wear with all the brown and beige shades; a blue that is as blue as the Mediterranean; a red that positively demands attention; a green that reflects a million emeralds and a white that is whiter than the whitest snow. All these colors have been created with the fashion-conscious woman in mind and the new, exciting and chic styles today certainly refute the old saying, for today … men can’t help make passes at girls who wear glasses!


THE COUNTRY LOOK: above-the-knees swinging skirt worn with knee-high socks, high-vamp black patent shoes… sheer wool muffling the throat… low-slung belt with attached pouch… pigskin gloves (short)… Harlequin Playmate in Black Matte.

THE DAY DRESS calls for boots that cover the knee… a wool turtle neck fill-in… 10-button wool gloves… shiny black shoulder bag. Or, if you prefer, steel-buckled pumps on your feet … and of course. Harlequin’s Met in Periwinkle Blue on your eyes.

GALA EVENINGS usher in the long, softly-pleated white skirt falling from an Empire waist… enormous pearl and diamond earrings. Unseen but dramatic: jeweled slippers, pairs of domed cuff bracelets. Very visible and flattering… Harlequin’s Forbidden Fruit in Chinchilla Smoke.

SHAPE: to flatter facial contours in providing the illusion of the “perfect oval. ” The patient’s personal preference must be tempered by technical requirements of the lens and fitting problems.

COLOR: To accent the patient’s wardrobe by blending or contrasting with basic colors or accessories. Seasonal factors are important as are current trends in other fashion fields.

DESIGN DETAIL: to be selected for the occasions on which the eyeframe will be worn. No longer a “trim” added to a frame, design detail is an integral part of the styling and determines the end use of the frame.

  1. Cleanser says: June 19, 20085:03 am

    My first thought was, “Why the hell would Modern Mechanix be having an article like this?” Then I realized it was PlayGirl and it all made sense.

  2. Charlie says: June 19, 20087:33 am

    Cleanser: It’s actually not the magazine you’re thinking of though. This Playgirl was an earlier general mens/womens magazine. Not the later one with naked men.

  3. Chewxy says: June 19, 200811:52 am

    So the meganeko fetish goes waaaaaay back 🙂

  4. Repack Rider says: June 19, 20088:52 pm

    Perfectly designed to go with the fins on a contemporary Dodge.

  5. mike brisendine says: June 20, 20084:21 am

    I bet I’m not the only one to google meganeko fetish.

  6. jujube says: June 20, 200812:33 pm

    The cover of this Playgirl issue says “America’s Exciting Magazine for the Chic and Modern Bachelorette.” Nuttin about looking at dongs, tho.

  7. Blurgle says: June 20, 20087:09 pm

    Nuttin about looking at dongs, tho.


  8. StanFlouride says: June 20, 20087:10 pm

    I want to see every article mentioned on the cover.

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