MEN – KILL for MONEY (Mar, 1937)


Make up to $75 weekly as a Professional Exterminator. Your own business. Work everywhere. Our easy, Tested Method QUICKLY starts you. Exterminate roaches, bedbugs, rats, mice, ands, etc. FREE details. EXTERMINATING INDUSTRIES, 2650-G Carmen, Chicago.

  1. Katherine says: June 3, 201011:21 am

    Hey please contact me if thi is a job risking everything in my life for money, if i make money by k…..g/? please i am willing to take any job.

  2. will says: May 14, 20111:09 pm

    man, in this life i live, i ain’t seeing anything more than me to do for money.

  3. Nana says: September 15, 20116:02 pm

    I will love to exterminate for money

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