MERRY XMAS TO ALL (and a carton of Kools) (Dec, 1936)

MERRY XMAS TO ALL (and a carton of Kools)

WHERE’S the holiday throat that won’t enjoy their soothing touch of mild menthol? Where’s the smoker of either sex who won’t relish KOOLS blend of superior Turkish-Domestic tobaccos? Remember that each pack not only carries a valuable coupon, but there’s two extra coupons in a carton! — a good start toward those attractive B & W premiums (offer good U. S. A. only). So give ’em all KOOLS . . . they’ll appreciate ’em most! Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corp., P. 0. Box 599, Louisville, Ky.

  1. Stannous says: December 25, 200712:54 pm

    ‘cough… cough,’ “thanks!” ‘gasp’ “just what I” ‘wheeze’ “wanted”

  2. Kev says: January 23, 20088:45 am

    Just how many kids were traumatized by this back in ’36?

  3. Cranky_Old_Man says: October 16, 20106:36 pm

    Save coupons! Get enough and you can get that cancerous lung removed!

  4. Firebrand38 says: October 16, 20107:02 pm

    Yeah, yeah , yeah you know that smoking is bad for you. Congratulations, you’re all smarter than everyone in 1936. Happy?

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