Meta-Branding (Dec, 1955)

This is amazing, it is basically an ad teaching people how to be proper consumers. I’ve seen generic ads for the milk industry as well as steel, plastic, paper, etc, but the idea of branding and promoting the idea of name brands takes a special kind of dollar fueled dementia.

Incedentially there was an organization at called the Brand Names Educational Foundation but the site is dead. You can still see it at Google’s cache though.

If it weren’t for brand names you’d have to be an engineer to know which TV set to buy
The most complicated piece of equipment in the American home is a television set.
Yet you’re not afraid to go out and buy one without even “looking under the hood”
What makes you so sure of yourself? In fact–how can you buy so many things you know so little about, without worrying?
Isn’t it because you’ve learned the secret of safe and sound buying?
A good brand is your best guarantee. No matter what kind of a product you’re buying, you know you’re right when you buy a good brand. You know the manufacturer will stand behind it because his reputation is at stake. You can depend on a good brand.
The more good brands you know, the fewer buying mistakes you’ll make. Get acquainted with the good brands in these pages and get more value for your shopping money.

A Non-Profit Educational Foundation
37 West 57th Street, New York 19, New York


  1. Rob De Witt says: May 4, 20093:51 pm


    “Now Computers Can Check Your Spelling!!!” – 1990

  2. Ajax says: November 1, 20092:32 am

    Now branding is more important than quality. You just have to have a well-known name and you can make crappy products. Explains why HP is the #1 laptop maker and Lenovo isn’t.

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