Metal Goggles Guard Eyes from Shrapnel Splinters (Mar, 1941)

Metal Goggles Guard Eyes from Shrapnel Splinters

Special metal goggles to protect the eyes from flying fragments of shrapnel during an enemy bombardment have been introduced in England. Circular pieces of metal which drop down over large eye holes have narrow cross slits through which the wearer can see his way to shelter.

  1. Roflcopter says: February 28, 20084:15 am

    Do I need to worry about getting shrapnels in the eye, if I am soenwhere where shrapnels from bombs! fly around?! oO

  2. Firebrand38 says: February 28, 20084:27 am

    Yeah, you do. Splinters in an arm can be pulled out or left in as situation dictates but fragments in the eye have obvious consequences.

  3. Stannous says: February 28, 20089:02 am

    Is that Elton John’s mom?

  4. Thundercat says: February 28, 200812:53 pm

    Ze goggles, ze do nothing.

  5. Sam says: February 28, 20089:51 pm…

    A Lee Miller. Same Goggles?

  6. Eric Sullivan says: March 30, 20102:40 pm

    I found two pairs of these in my loft. The house four doors away was rebuilt after the war, having been flattened by a bomb so they may have been used in earnest!

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