A meteor’s prank recently plunged the town of Herman, Nebr., in darkness. The heavenly missile. falling during the night, clipped a main transmission line. Then it dug a fifteen-inch hole in the ground, where witnesses say it lay spouting flames for hours. Electric repair men hurried to the scene to splice the first recorded break made by a meteor. When the object was recovered, it was found to have been fused into a shape grotesquely resembling a small pig.

Meteors of this size seldom reach the earth, luckily for its inhabitants. But specimens of more than fifty tons have been recovered. An Oregon miner became the first person on record to run away with a big meteorite when he carted a fifteen-ton specimen from a field, whose owner sued successfully to get it back.

  1. JM says: September 9, 20089:59 am

    And the boy was holding it without any problem? Where was the photographies-attracted-by police?

  2. Toronto says: September 9, 200811:41 am

    It looks like he’s been driven into the ground a foot or so – most meteorites are nickel-iron and heavy, aren’t they?

  3. LightningRose says: September 9, 20082:30 pm

    Not all meteorites are nickel-iron. If that one was, there’s no way a kid that size could hold it.

  4. Charlene says: September 9, 200811:09 pm

    In fact, 95% of meteorities are stony meteorites, and some are indeed light enough for a kid to hold.

    Especially a kid who appears to have three legs!

  5. docca says: October 4, 20089:28 am

    I don’t know what is more bizarre: the “small pig” meteor or this creepy kid with 3 legs…

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