MI LOOKS AHEAD (Feb, 1946)

Is that a typo? Or did they really spell Goodbye as goodby? Sounds like the name of a butler.



GOODBY, FALSE TEETH! Two dental surgeons in New York City have taken tooth buds from week-old kittens and put them into the mouths of full-grown cats. The buds have then grown into full-size, normal teeth. Eventually it may be possible to transfer a tooth bud from a child’s crowded mouth to that of an adult.

MIRACLE WHEAT that grows winter and summer, in moist or dry climates, has been developed by the Russians. It never has to be replanted because it pollenizes itself. The yield is about 70 bushels an acre. The new wheat may end forever the periodic famines that threaten crowded areas of the globe like China and India.

BED-SIDE BATH – When the patient pushes one button, a wash-bowl with hot and cold running water slides up and over the bed, ready for use. Pressing another button opens a trap door and a toilet bowl rises beside the bed. Beside saving the nurse a lot of work, it’s easier for the patient.

PORTABLE TELEVISION equipment about the size of a camera is predicted for the near future by scientists. Worn strapped over the shoulder, it will resemble the walkie-talkie in appearance. Roving reporters will be able to pick up candid scenes for televising, thus adding just another hazard to modern life.

  1. StanFlouride says: July 17, 200911:16 am

    MIRACLE WHEAT- “it pollenizes itself”
    As opposed to pollinating itself?

    I’m surprised to see “good-bye” unhyphenated, much less misspelled.

    Must have been the editor’s day off.

    And while a moving sink might be possible, having flexible drain and supply lines would invite many future problems.

  2. katey says: July 17, 20093:46 pm

    I absolutely LOVE that illustrations of the happy wrestlers!

  3. jayessell says: July 17, 20096:59 pm

    That’s Curley from either “Grips, Grunts and Groans” or “Punch Drunks”.

    Woo Woo Woo Woo!

  4. Firebrand38 says: July 17, 20098:00 pm

    It reminds me of the first one you said (where Curly has to wrestle Iron Head)


  5. Scott B. says: July 18, 200910:14 am

    “Goodby”: MI was looking ahead to a more streamlined English language!

  6. K!P says: July 20, 20094:23 am

    Ive seen height ajustable sinks in sweden, so that the kids could use em. seemed to work fine.

  7. Baron Waste says: July 21, 20092:55 pm

    Of ALL of that, only the last actually happened. The difference? The others are all written in the present tense. But they weren’t happening, and never did.

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