MI PIN-UP CAR – 1899 LE ROY (Mar, 1956)


Owner: Lionel Rider, Stratford, Ontario, Canada. Engine: I-cylinder, 4 horsepower. Tire size: 28×3 pneumatic tires. Wheelbase: 60 inches. Speed: 12 miles per hour. Weight: 950 pounds. Color: black body, ivory wheels and chassis. Upholstery is red. This was the first Canadian production car and also the first licensed car on the road in Stratford. It was built in Kitchener, Ontario. It was also the first car to cross the American-Canadian border from Waterloo, Canada to Brown City, Mich., in 1900. It originally cost $650.

  1. Linda Fitzgerald says: October 24, 200910:26 pm

    Just wanted to comment that this picture is of my Grandad & my aunt Pauline. I live in Stratford, Ontario & have been living here all my life. Just thought it was cool that this was on the internet!!

  2. Jackie Morden says: November 24, 20098:58 pm

    My dad restored the LeRoy in our living room on Queen street in Stratford and sold it to a Schneider from Kitchener who in return donated it to the Doon Heritage Museum in Kitchener. He found it in boxes in an attic on Erie Street in Stratford. He contacted the Good brothers who built it and it was actually a proto-type – not a production vehicle at the time.

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