MI-stoppers III (Oct, 1954)


HIGH-SPEED SURFBOARDS, driven here by Dick McGinley and Alan Rosendahl, are actually a cross between speedboats and water-skis. Powered by outboard motors, they are used for racing.

RUSSIAN MONSTER truck, called the Maz-525. weighs 25 tons and can haul a load of 35 tons. A 12-cylinder, 300-horsepower engine gives the fully-laden truck a top speed of about 18 mph.

FLYING BICYCLE, complete with a propeller and tail fin. was towed around over an airfield in Sussex. England, by this British Royal Navy helicopter as part of a recent charity air show.

GIANT ARMY CAMERA is fitted with a special 100-inch f:12.5 infra-red telephoto lens, penetrates atmospheric haze to take clear pictures, like one at right, from a distance of 30 miles.

BLINDFOLDED WOMAN DRIVER, above. Mrs. Audrey Guido. astounds her neighbors in Metier, Ga., by cruising through the streets with a sack on her head. She won’t tell how she manages the trick.

  1. John says: February 21, 20117:22 pm

    Mrs Guido just passed away 7 March 2010 while still living in Metter, GA

    She and her late husband were Christian evangelists.

  2. Toronto says: February 21, 20118:59 pm

    Perhaps Jesus was her co-driver. In the trunk, like they did in the Muppet Movie.

  3. Neil Russell says: February 22, 20117:34 am

    I didn’t know of Dr Guido’s wife’s fame!
    I knew Michael very well when I was working at the radio station in Metter, but only met the Mrs once.
    Before the evangelism (and well before the blindfolded driving) they toured the country with Dr Guido’s big band.
    His “Seeds from the Sower” tv spots are still showing and he was every bit as nice a guy as he came across.
    They are both much missed in the local community, but maybe the blindfold-driving not as much. 🙂

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