MI-stoppers IV (Jan, 1954)


DUAL-TAIL De Havilland 110 seen from rear at recent air show in Farnborough. England wears its jets like a futuristic double-barreled cannon. Navy will use it.

CLOTHESHORSE wears pants with upturned cuffs tied above hoofs. Equine’s owner added touch of sartorial splendor after beast suffered leg injury. Trousers protect wound from insect bites.

WAHTZAT? Well, it’s the creation of Bill Custer. Roanoke. Va., amateur taxidermist, and is made from a chipmunk’s body, squirrel feet, the head of a pike fish with top covered with deer fur.

HUNGRY JET swallows its two solicitous mechanics. The ship is the Swedish 1-29 fighter with top speed of 650 mph. Sweden has estimated 1.500 first-line planes, world’s fourth largest air force.

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  1. Toronto says: May 11, 201210:14 am

    The de Havilland 110 was called the Sea Vixen. Its tail wasn’t its odd feature – it’s off-centre cockpit was.

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