MICRO-THIN plastic rain cape (Mar, 1957)

MICRO-THIN plastic rain cape can be folded to fit in cigarette-size package, even when wet. Mighty handy for rainy gallivanters.

  1. Mike says: January 29, 200910:18 am

    You wont be able to fold it to fit in a cigarette-size package but it can be done.

  2. Steve J. says: January 29, 200912:46 pm

    When I was a kid, my dad found one of these in my wallet..no..wait; that was something else entirely.

  3. MrG says: January 29, 20096:16 pm

    Somehow I have this vague memory suddenly pop up after decades being lost, of being in Army
    training in the early 1970s. Some black NCO with a lively sense of humor was telling us trainees
    what I reconstruct as: “No, no, no, no. A rain poncho isn’t supposed to keep the water out. It’s to
    keep the water in so you stay wet.” Had that right. Cheers — MrG / http://gvgpd.proboards…..

  4. Charlene says: January 30, 200912:45 am

    The problem was that you could normally only use it once. The plastic was so thin that it’d tear just from someone walking in it.

    Which was handy if a shower threatened and you were wearing satin (water + satin = completely ruined forever), but otherwise it was cheaper to just bring a coat with you or, alternatively, get wet.

  5. Martina says: November 25, 20091:19 pm

    Years ago I had one with me on a concert. I was very happy about it, because it started to rain, when the concert begins.

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