Midget Streamliner (Feb, 1952)

Midget Streamliner goes record hunting. The Cooper 500-cc. racing car has gone to Paris to set some new times for the speed demons to shoot at. John Cooper admires his baby, left. Open hood, right, reveals driver Bill Aston behind the wheel.

  1. Don says: November 23, 20091:27 pm

    IMPRESSIVE! See http://www.500race.org/… for more

    J. A. Prestwich provided the 500-cc engine for this prototype . . . .

  2. Toronto says: November 23, 20094:57 pm


  3. Tracy B says: November 24, 20093:05 pm

    It’s a pity that Mini does not sell this car today– it would be the ultimate commuter car– single seater!

  4. Vozpit says: November 26, 20091:19 am

    The correct term is “Little People Streamliner”.

  5. Toronto says: November 26, 20091:37 am

    Driver’s standard equipment includes a cup, I trust. Check the steering column postion.

    Say, this would make a good trike, wouldn’t it? 500cc, open top – license it as a motorcycle. Can you still get big whip aerials with tie-downs? It would make it look more like an RC toy, but would help with visibility in traffic.

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