Midget Television Set for Home (Oct, 1932)

Midget Television Set for Home

MIDGET television receivers, corresponding to the midget receivers now in widespread use, are now available for home entertainment. As pictured at the right, the receiver is housed in a small cabinet and is operated with eight tubes, which deliver current to a crater neon tube. The scanning disc has sixty holes and is operated by a synchronous motor.

  1. Alan J. Richer says: February 13, 200810:02 am

    Mechanical TVs are so cool to look at, but not much use as a receiver..the small reddish picture was very difficult to see.

    TV as an entertainment or communications medium had no chance at all till the development of the CRT and the all-electronic process.


  2. Thundercat says: February 13, 200812:16 pm

    You know, I don’t even know if I’ve ever seen a mechanical tv in a museum. I wonder how many still exist. It would be neat if one was still in working order.

  3. jayessell says: February 14, 20089:44 am

    I predict the return of Mechanical Television!

    Red, green and blue laser beams scanned over a front or rear projection screen by rotating mirrors.

    A frame buffer in the receiver would allow the image to be synched to the mirrors rather than the nearly impossible task of synching the mirrors to the image.

  4. Charlie says: February 14, 20089:49 am

    Or you could just buy one of these which uses three lasers and a scanning (not rotating) mirror.


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