Milk Cans Loaded by Gravity Power (Sep, 1931)

Milk Cans Loaded by Gravity Power
GRAVITY, without assistance of other power, is employed by a chocolate factory in England for the loading and storing of milk cans. After being elevated by an endless chain to the top of the tower the cans spiral down a roller track to the bottom, where gravity holds them always in readiness for loading and feeds them onto the truck backed up to the receiving platform. The spiral stairway is shown in the photo above. The spiral acts as a store house before cans are loaded.

  1. Richard says: March 1, 20107:46 am

    Does anybody have any idea which chocolate factory that was?

    I’d be fascinated to discover if any part of that wonderful device still exists…

  2. Software_Samurai says: March 1, 201010:34 am

    I saw a tv show about an automaker in Japan that decided to use the same concept in their factory. Raw materials are delivered at the top of a small mountain. Inside the factory, the various assembly stations are arranged downhill from each other in order. Carts used to transport parts between assembly stations are spring-loaded, and the weight of the thing being assembled is used to move the cart itself. Pretty cleaver I say.

  3. Gazzie says: March 2, 20101:15 pm

    Not sure which factory it was. But since it’s a chocolate factory in England in 1931… My guess would be Cadbury.

  4. GaryM says: March 2, 20101:55 pm

    I assume they use “other power” to get the cans to the top. Either that, or they’ve got the world’s only working perpetual motion machine.

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