Milk Now Delivered in Handy Paper Bottles (May, 1929)

Milk Now Delivered in Handy Paper Bottles

A SPEEDY motorcycle,it is said, can haul as much milk in new paper containers, recently introduced by a New York dairy concern, as a wagon can deliver in glass bottles.

The cone-shaped containers can be packed upright and inverted so that two quarts occupy little more space than a one-quart bottle. Moreover, two quarts in paper containers are said to weigh only seven ounces more than one quart in a bottle.

Before filling, the containers are paraffined to make them leak-proof and air-tight. After filling, the top is sealed with a metal clip. To open the new paper bottles, the top is cut off below this clip.

  1. yashpal sharma says: November 2, 20106:44 pm

    Could you please send the more details about paper bottles.
    we needs some manufacturing information and some pictures
    of paper bottles. we are the manufacturer and exporters of glass
    bottles and plastic bottles as well as vials for pharmaceuticals.

  2. Toronto says: November 2, 20109:49 pm

    Yashpal – this is an article from 1929, about what we’d call a milk carton today.

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