Milk to be Sold in Paper Bottles (Aug, 1934)

A Machine just recently developed not only sterilizes, fills, and caps milk bottles, but actually makes the bottles. Everything is automatic and the filled milk bottle can be turned out at a cost of less than one cent.

A paper container used for the milk as many novel features. Sturdy construction permits it to be handled just as roughly as the glass bottles, without danger of leakage.

A special clip which seals the bottle is easily replaced if contentents are not used at once. Even if the milk bottle freezes the bottle remains sealed.

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  3. quadibloc says: February 16, 20136:36 am

    And later it was discovered that paper bottles could be square instead of round, and so they could be packed more efficiently into normal boxes. And so that – rather than an anti-Semitic reaction to the six-pointed star on the prototype – is probably why they don’t look like that today.

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