Milwaukee Police Department Develops Auto Fort (Mar, 1937)

Milwaukee Police Department Develops Auto Fort
A HUGE armored patrol van capable of housing 25 men plus full equipment consisting of revolvers, rifles, machine guns, tear gas bombs, and ammunition is being developed by the police department of Milwaukee, Wis. The mobile fort will be 22 feet, 7 inches long, 9 feet, 8 inches high, and 8 feet wide. The van will have a body of bullet proof metal and windshield and windows will be shatterproof. A bullet proof mesh shield will protect radiator and wheels, and motor will be shielded so repairs can be made from inside.

  1. jayessell says: May 13, 20073:06 pm

    This was meant to be used in battles against… who?

    (Other police departments, I suppose.)

  2. blast says: May 18, 200711:26 pm

    This does seem more like a tool for the police of the future (as told by the movies). Perhaps it was the proximity (relatively speaking) to the Chicago mob that prompted this development project.

  3. Gipper says: June 9, 200811:55 pm

    This definately seems like something out of a Dick Tracy movie. I wonder how the public would react if the Milwaukee Police Department would put something like this on our streets in modern times. Only in Milwaukee!!!

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