MIMI – Sav-A-Life (Jul, 1966)

See the man. He is throwing an apple to the lady in the water. The lady puts on a lifesaver and smiles at the camera. The man is angry. He wants his apple back. Now the lady is biting the stem of the apple. Her bathing suit is all dry. The apple is a Sav-A-Life. She is pulling the ring to activate it. Now she can throw the ball to a drowning person. Isn’t that easier than throwing a Mae West all that way? Within three seconds of hitting the water the ball opens. A lifesaver comes out and inflates. It will hold up a 250-lb. man for hours. Isn’t that right, MIMI? “Right. Sav-A-Life is from Inventor’s Prods., 5309 Edina Industrial Blvd., Minneapolis, Minn. 55424. The price is $6.95. Jolly reasonable.”

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Photographed by Peter Gowland

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