Life’s full of little problems.

Everyone faces them… the business-man trying to figure out current inventory or accounts receivables. The home cook who wants to cut down a recipe for 8 to serve only 5. Or the language student trying to learn the difference between “gesundheit” and “gemutlichkeit.”

Now there’s an easy and very affordable way to solve these and other little problems in life.

It’s the inexpensive PET™ (Personal Electronic Transactor) home computer, by Commodore.

The PET’s like having a bookkeeper, cook, language tutor, inventory clerk and playmate. All rolled into one.

And the PET’s as easy to get along with as it is affordable.

After only a few hours introduction, just about anyone can put the PET’s remarkable mind to work solving problems, storing information, operating appliances, answering the phone, planning diets and playing games of skill. At home. Or in the office.

In fact, it’s so much fun to operate, soon you’ll be finding all sorts of new ways to use the PET of your choice. Complete systems are priced from just $795.

Now, where can you meet this amazing creature?

At any one of over 80 Byte Shops or other quality computer stores nationwide.

Besides stocking the PET line, most dealers also sell all the programs and other software you’ll need to keep your PET active for years to come.

The PET personal home computer, by Commodore.

Let it mind over the matters in your life.


  1. Stephen says: November 15, 20123:58 am

    Note that there are twice as many places you can buy it in California as everywhere else put together!

  2. Toronto says: November 15, 201211:32 am

    That is odd – especially for a company that started in Toronto.

    Then again the ad is by “Byte Shop”, not CMB.

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