Mini-Cannonry (Oct, 1954)

FIVE years ago Harold Herd’s son Howard, now ten, asked his Dad if they could build a cannon at their Pasadena, Calif., home. They began making tiny models which actually fire and today they have a collection of artillery ranging from the year 1400 to the Civil War. The father-son team has been so successful that they have now found a ready market for them in kit form.

  1. Tom says: April 20, 20118:47 am

    Now the father and son mutual project would probably be interupted by a SWAT team.

  2. Hirudinea says: April 20, 201111:30 am


  3. Charlene says: April 21, 20119:44 pm

    “Dad, can you build me an artillery range?”

  4. Mcubstead says: April 24, 20111:42 pm

    Great, kid would be expelled and sent to an alternative school just for the answering the question, What did you do over the weekend?

  5. John says: April 24, 20111:47 pm

    Mcubstead: Probably only in Southern California.

  6. Stan says: April 27, 20118:54 pm

    Holy crap that looks cool. Not safe however, but cool. When I was a kid anything miniature I was all over, my fav game was a fantasy game with miniature monsters, heroes, and furniture. I probably would have either blown my hand off or shot my little brother though.

  7. RNFR says: December 6, 20115:34 am

    you can tell the dad is cool by that beard! it also says that he is probably into smokin the “jazz cigarettes”.

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