Miniature Cars are Practical (Feb, 1935)

I really wish people still drove around in these. I certainly would pay extra for a pizza delivered by a little kid wearing a cap, driving tiny car.

Miniature Cars are Practical
CHEAP and serviceable, this little car has attained much favor in England. It goes only 15 miles an hour, but can be driven by a child, and is obviously easy to maneuver and park. Weight, 200 pounds; balloon tires, 12-inch diameter. It is cheap to run —and taxes (based on power) are very low. It is even used for sales display as a miniature of larger cars, with bodies on a reduced scale. In spite of a juvenile appearance, it is quite serviceable for commercial and individual use. Control is by a single pedal.

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  1. jayessell says: June 22, 20108:13 am

    Didn’t the snooty rich kid in the ‘Our Gang’ comedies have one of these?
    (I know he had a motorboat.)

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