Miniature Motor Made of Paper Clips (Jul, 1940)

Miniature Motor Made of Paper Clips

In a few minutes’ time, from several paper clips and some fine insulated wire, you can make a little electric motor that will illustrate the principle of the big fellows. The outer field magnets are wound with about twelve feet of wire, and the same length is used to wind the two legs of the armature or rotor, as shown in the photos and diagram below. Sealing wax holds the two ends of the rotor winding to the shaft, forming a commutator. One or two dry cells will supply sufficient current to run the miniature motor, which spins merrily as long as power is supplied to it.

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  1. Tim Tracy says: July 18, 20082:51 am

    I can’t help but think that McGyver had a hand in this one

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