Miniature Racer Zips Track at 124 Miles an Hour (Sep, 1948)

Miniature Racer Zips Track at 124 Miles an Hour

Flashing around a miniature track, a tiny racing car recently set a world speed record of 123.98 miles an hour. The car is a new model, manufactured and sold complete except for the engine. The bottom pan is a one-piece aluminum casting and the racer has an over-all length of almost 16 inches, a wheelbase of 10-1/2 inches and a tread of 6-1/8 inches. The top, which is detachable to expose the engine, is made of plastic. Both the rear axle and the front wheels are mounted on ball bearings, with rubber cushions acting as shock absorbers. Equipment with the car includes a fuel tank, coil mount, battery container and ignition switch. Miniature racing cars usually are started by pushing them down the track. They may be raced either on a cable which pivots in the center of the track or on special rails to which they are attached.

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