Miniature Racing Cars Are Latest Fad in Hollywood (Feb, 1934)

I think that accident is staged, if not, that girl would be pretty messed up.

Miniature Racing Cars Are Latest Fad in Hollywood

“PUTT-PUTTING” in miniature racing cars, Hollywood’s latest fad, is making a hit with the fair young ladies of our film capital.

Tiny one-lung gasoline engines give more than enough speed to the tiny cars, and even the wisest of feminine drivers have been known to take spills on the curves.

Races are held on the city streets, with starters, movie cameras to catch the spills, and of course mechanics to tinker with the motors when trouble threatens.

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  1. Jacky Winters says: May 7, 20092:13 pm

    Hey look girls! We might end up breaking a few bones and cracking a few skulls before the day is over! Can you say Too High Center of Gravity?!?

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