Miracles Worked in Muscles! (Mar, 1930)

Miracles Worked in Muscles!



WEAK men made strong! Puny, sickly chaps transformed into husky, broad-shouldered athletes! Man, if you’ve got an ounce of red blood in your veins you’re going to find out about this wonderful way to get STRONG. All in a few minutes a day at home. My Free Book tells the whole amazing story. Send for it TODAY.

“Muscles seem to grow overnight”—that’s what Walter Holly oak of Victoria, B. C., says about the wonderful results of Titus Training. Harry Simonowich of New York writes—”I never put on muscles so fast in all my life!”

wherever you live, I’ll give YOU big muscles quick! Just read what Miguel Ycaza writes from the Philippine Islands: “I could hardly believe my own eyes at the great change you have made in me. My muscles grew as fast as the beanstalk in the story of ‘the Giant-Killer.’ I can hardly thank you for your great work; you have made a new man of me.”

Can You Do These Feats of Strength?

How would you like to amaze your friends by tearing a telephone book or deck of cards in two? Titus trained men do these feats and many others with ease.

Anthony Ottavio of Massillon, Ohio, is only 18—but what a MAN! He writes: *’I can bend a light horseshoe with my hands. I can lift 200 lbs. with my left and right hands. I can lift 150 lbs. with one finger.”

Adam Altman of Chicago, Ill., writes: “Before I took your course I could only chin myself eight times; now I can chin myself twenty-five.”

Stanley Thompson, of Multnomah, Ore., writes: “I can tear a pack of cards in half, bend spikes, and do many other things which I could not do before. Titus-built men sure have the speed and power behind every punch.”

A New Body In 20 Minutes a Day!

Just give me 20 minutes a day, that’s all—and WATCH THOSE MUSCLES GROW! See the amazing change in 30 days. Man, won’t you be PROUD of those big, rippling muscles! But don’t get a swelled head when you hear the girl friends raving about your handsome, athletic build.

I don’t just promise you all these good things—I GUARANTEE results. I Guarantee to put a solid inch of powerful muscle on your arms, a couple more on your legs—I Guarantee to develop every muscle in your body in proportion—I Guarantee to broaden your shoulders and add 5 inches to your chest—I Guarantee to strengthen your internal organs, too—I Guarantee you new pep, new energy, NEW LIFE.

Let Me Make YOU Over FREE BOOK Tells How Come on, friend, you’re next! I can’t begin to tell you here what Titus Training has done for thousands of men—what it will do for you —but my great new book tells the whole amazing story. This book will give you the surprise of your life—read how weaklings have been changed into strong, brawny HE-MEN—see actual photos of magnificent models of muscular manhood—discover how EASY it is for you to get strong. This glorious book is yours FREE. Mail that coupon NOW— no cost, no obligation, no salesman will bother you. There are no strings to this offer.

TITUS, Dept. W-148 853 Broadway, New York, N. Y.

Dear Titus: Okay, send me that wonderful new book of yours “Miracles in Muscles.” Get it to me by return mail without the slightest cost or obligation on my part.

  1. Rick Auricchio says: April 7, 20118:56 am

    …includes a vial of Tiger Blood.

  2. Toronto says: April 7, 20119:12 am

    Man, I gotta get me one of those medals! All my problems would be over.

  3. tom says: April 7, 20119:17 am

    Could have saved a fortune on my unused , good intention, gym membership.

  4. Hirudinea says: April 7, 20112:32 pm

    Yep, they sold ‘roids even back then.

  5. John says: April 7, 20116:13 pm

    The ad doesn’t do justice to the cover http://ephemerastudies….

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