Mirror in Cap for the Sheik (Feb, 1930)

Seems like it would be pretty dangerous for this guy to get hit in the head…

Mirror in Cap for the Sheik

MODERN youth has solved the problem of the embarrassing necessity for carrying his mirror, for on sale at various men’s stores in London is a novel cap inside which is a mirror. All a young man must do is doff his cap to see whether his hair is nicely slicked and whether he is entirely presentable.

  1. Mike says: June 24, 20115:19 am

    It also allows you to see how many shards of glass remain in your scalp as well as to view which ones are bleeding the worst.

  2. hip2b2 says: June 24, 20116:35 am

    I believe Mirror in Cap for the Sheik is meant to be Mirror in Cap for the Chic.

    Sheik, is a honorific term in Arabic. Chic means stylish or smart, with etymological roots in French and perhaps German.


  3. Charlene says: June 24, 20117:21 am

    @hip2b2 I thought so too, but apparently “sheik” was 1920s slang for “hunk”. According to one source, the slang meaning derived from handsome Rudolph Valentino, who did all those sheik movies.

    Language sometimes leaves behind interesting puzzles.

  4. hip2b2 says: June 24, 20117:46 am

    As one with a great deal of practice, let me admit that I was wrong.

  5. Neil Russell says: June 24, 20118:56 am

    Better carry some Windex too to get that greasy hair smear off the mirror when wanting to adjust the do

  6. Jari says: June 25, 201110:38 am

    The young man in the article seems to have quite receded hairline already.

    I really shouldn’t say that after looking in the mirror myself…..

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