Mirror on Table Beside Typewriter Serves as End-of-Page Indicator (Apr, 1946)

Mirror on Table Beside Typewriter Serves as End-of-Page Indicator

YOUR typewriter bell signals the end of a line, but it is difficult to tell when you are on the last line of a page. If your typewriter is the kind that has no shield covering all the lower parts of the platen, a small mirror laid beside it on the right-hand side of the typewriter table will reflect the bottom of the platen and show when the end of the paper is reached. The mirror can be held in place with pieces of adhesive tape. —O. D. COWLES.

  1. Buddy says: June 10, 20083:14 am

    It’s a real problem, especially if you have to type the whole page all over again. I used to put little pencil marks on the edge of the page an inch or so from the bottom.

  2. Casandro says: June 10, 20089:58 pm

    What I’d prefer would be a line-counter. Either up or down. That way you can also figure out where that window in the envelope is.

  3. phil says: June 11, 20085:52 am

    surly the easy solution is to start at the bottom of the page and work up
    a qiuck change to the crank to wind down instead of up

  4. phil says: June 11, 20085:54 am

    i am sure that it would be even easier for this lady if she had not got that huge bogey
    wrapped around everything

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