Misc. Helicopters (Jun, 1945)

Contra-rotating main rotors were a feature of the HH-43B in service with the Air Force from the 1950’s to the 70’s

Misc Helicopters

Co-Axial Rotors. as on the Hiller-copter illustrated in the December Mechanix Illustrated, eliminate noise and vibration on this new helicopter designed by Vincent Bendix. The inventor claims it will be easier to operate and safer than an automobile. Two levers control the machine’s flight, and continuous autorotation makes it possible to fly it with safety at altitudes of only 100 to 200 feet.

First Jet-Powered helicopter is Antoine Gazda’s “helicospeeder.” Propelled and steered by jets, the machine has more speed, weight-carrying capacity, stability and controllability than the ordinary plane of its type, says the designer. The unorthodox construction omits the usual auxiliary rotor fixed at the tail of other helicopters to counteract torque. Perhaps this will be your postwar air “flivver.”

Hell-Cabin. First closeup of the control cabin of the new R6 Sikorsky helicopter shows almost 100% visibility achieved by transparent plastic construction. The 3-blade rotor type machine has a tip-to-tip diameter of 38 feet. Tail rudder measures 7 feet across. The gross weight is 2,600 pounds, the speed exceeds 100 m.p.h., and it can climb 4,000 feet in 7 minutes.

  1. Stephen says: May 24, 20126:10 am

    Contra-rotating rotors have been tried, but haven’t yet entered service. Sikorsky hopes to make it work:

  2. DrewE says: May 24, 20128:28 am

    Several contra-rotating coaxial helicopter designs have been produced and used in service, both military and civilian–perhaps most notably those by the Russian Kamov design bureau.

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