Ml-stoppers II (Aug, 1954)


MUSCULAR MOLARS: pity the poor dentist who has to yank a tooth of Andre Le Gall, 53-year-old farmer of St. Malo. France, who shows how firmly anchored they are by pulling plough with same.

SNAKY CRANE shown at the GE Appliance Park near Buechel, Ky.. can lift two men 50 feet in air to repair wiring, lights, etc. Called Hi-Ranger. $13,000 piece is hydraulically operated.

IT’S ALIVE and it’s a dog. This Hungarian Shepherd, exhibited at a West Berlin. Germany, dog show, looks more like a pile of wool. Well padded pooch is all set for the winter ahead.

FORMAL ATTIRE for firemen is this aluminum suit which is said to withstand temperatures up to 4.172 degrees Fahrenheit. It was shown at London Factory exhibit. Onlooker seems surprised.

  1. whoozle whaazle says: October 25, 201010:16 am

    I think I saw the Muscular Molars guy in the movie Gizmo! by Howard Smith.

  2. Charlie says: October 25, 201012:03 pm

    whoozle whaazle: Entirely possible. I once tried to annotate that movie with links to all of the related articles on this site but it was ridiculous. I have something on almost every frame. It might make a good group project though.

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