Mobile Home Expands to Form Three Rooms (May, 1936)

Mobile Home Expands to Form Three Rooms

Light and compact enough to be drawn behind a motor car like a trailer, a movable type of house can be expanded to form three rooms at its destination. On the road it is supported on two wheels with drop axle and is sixteen feet long and six and one-half feet wide. When expanded, it forms a living room twenty feet by fourteen feet, supplemented by a fully equipped kitchen. When the house is fully extended, it can be divided into twin bedrooms and a living room. The kitchen is equipped with many modern conveniences, including a refrigerator, and a gasoline tank supplies fuel for both refrigeration and cooking. The mobile home was developed by William B. Stout, automotive and aeronautical engineer.

  1. Jeff Kart says: April 28, 20083:19 pm

    I want one. How much?

  2. Orv says: April 28, 200811:22 pm

    I wonder if this is the origin of the “slide-out” rooms that have become popular on high-end RVs?

  3. douglas2 says: April 30, 20083:08 pm

    Here’s google video of one:…

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