Mobile Home With a Fold-Out Living Room (Jul, 1961)

Mobile Home With a Fold-Out Living Room

Ten feet wide so it can travel on highways, a new mobile home has hinged walls that swing out to form a 14 by 14-foot living room. In addition, it has two bedrooms, a bath, and a kitchen.

The unique design gives the living room a door facing forward in the middle of the trailer and allows more wall space in the room for furniture and more floor space.

The Frontier 200 is legal wherever 10-foot-wides are legal, according to Frontier Homes Corp., 102 S. 32nd Ave., Omaha, Neb.

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  1. Toronto says: September 26, 20127:25 pm

    I am surrounded by this concept right now, in a campground (for some definitions of campong.)

    (I’m the guy in the tiny tent.)

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