Mobile Sleeping Bag (Apr, 1947)

The Gumby Mk 1.

Mobile Sleeping Bag designed to permit the soldier to get into immediate action without having to fight his way out of the conventional type field unit is demonstrated at right by PFC Robert Wentermuth of Newton, N. J. The suit is not intended for wear in the daytime, only for mobility in surprise attacks at night under sub-arctic conditions.

  1. John M. Hanna says: January 7, 200912:29 am

    C’mere Pokey! I have a surprise for you!

  2. Toronto says: January 7, 20091:37 am

    “One night, it rained unexpectedly, and their zippers rusted. The next day, their courageous assault under adverse conditions led to their nickname, “The Fighting Michelin Men!”

    Or add a chest-mounted radio and you’d have a sort of proto-Teletubbie.

  3. rsterling78 says: January 7, 20099:24 am

    Half man, half okra, all soldier.

  4. nlpnt says: January 7, 200910:19 am

    Ralphie’s little brother?

  5. Myles says: January 7, 20092:15 pm

    Aren’t all sleeping bags mobile?

  6. Tim says: January 7, 20094:55 pm

    Looks like a reworking of Ome Daibler’s “Penguin Sleeping Bag” made in the 1930s:

  7. Toronto says: January 8, 200912:18 am

    Myles: They are if the bear is big enough.

  8. RBayard says: July 19, 20114:56 pm

    They didn’t work too well or they would’ve been used in the Korean War.

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