UNCLE SAM’S missile arsenal is contained in this plastic kit made by Monogram Models, Inc., of Chicago. The display boasts 31 molded plastic missile models, covering the full range of current U.S. armament. The 3/32-in. scale models are all clearly labeled and you get a 32-page Know Your Missiles booklet with $2.98 kit.

  1. JMyint says: October 9, 201212:47 pm

    I got that set for my ninth birthday. It was and excellent gift for a young science nerd in the 60s.

  2. Hirudinea says: October 9, 20122:34 pm

    @ JMyint – Hell, I’ed like that set now, it’s neat!

  3. Toronto says: October 10, 20127:21 pm

    @JMyint – lucky stiff.

  4. DocScience says: October 11, 20127:07 pm

    I see there is one for sale on Ebay, $200 or so.

    I think I will stick with the memories. My grandfather purchased the entire stock of out-of-business hobby shop in the 1959. The attic was FILLED with model kits in cases, including this set. Hundreds of them. Monogram, Revell (including the entire line of HO railroad kits) and others. Ships, planes, rockets, tanks, and cars. Big kits, small kits.

    We built models together until he died and I continued until the early 70’s when college took me away.

    My mom sold all of the still boxed unbuilt and completed models (except the HO railroad ones which had become part of my father’s model train room) at a yard sale while I was away. She got pennies on the dollar and sold a lot of memories too.


    But incredible memories and over a decade of fun.

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