Modern Porch Furniture from Old Car Parts (Aug, 1938)

Modern Porch Furniture from Old Car Parts
You can have a decorative table and chairs on your porch for the price of two old auto seats, three double-bar bumpers of the type shown, and a few hours of your spare time. To assemble the table, take one bumper apart, cut the bars in two and then bend them to the shape indicated, using a heavy wood block nailed to a plank and faced with sheet metal as a former. Before bending the bars, they must be heated to a cherry red where the bends are to be made. They can be re-tempered by again heating to a cherry red, allowing them to cool until the red color disappears and then plunging them into a tub of cold water. The base and table top are wood panels with the bars screwed to them, the top being covered with plate glass, which is held in place with aluminum strips around the edge of the table. One bumper is required for the two legs of each chair, the bars being heated and bent to the shape and dimensions shown, and then re-tempered. The type of seat used will determine to some extent the method of fastening it between the legs. In the original, the front was screwed to a length of angle iron, which was then welded to the legs. The metal frame of the seat back was drilled and tapped for bolts, which were run through the eyes of the bumper bars. An iron rod is welded into the eyes at the floor ends of the legs to tie them together. —Dallas Zollinger, Providence, Utah.

  1. Stannous says: July 19, 20076:51 pm

    Here in the Haight Ashbury we used car parts to make a bandshell:…

  2. Charlie says: July 20, 200710:11 am

    Very cool Stannous. I like that a lot.

  3. MAKE: Blog says: July 30, 20078:25 pm

    Modern porch furniture from old car parts…

    Modern porch furniture from old car parts. Popular Mechanics 1938 – Link. Related: Car hoods roof – Link…….

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