Monitor Speedboat Lands War Tanks Under Fire (May, 1938)

It seems like this boat would need to have an amazingly fast ballasting system to prevent just flipping over when the tank rolls off. Not to mention, with the tank on top it would be crazily top-heavy.

Monitor Speedboat Lands War Tanks Under Fire

DESIGNED to land a war tank ready for action, from a ship that may be several miles offshore, a unique forty-foot armored launch has been constructed at Portsmouth, Va., for tests by the U. S. Navy. Bearing the vehicle upon its flat, monitorlike deck, the speedboat may be driven right up on the beach without damaging its propellers, and the tank crawls ashore. The boat then backs off for another load, defending itself with a pair of machine guns in its steel-sheathed conning tower.

  1. Deth says: February 16, 20124:48 pm

    Strange fact: we already had “normal” landing craft at the time this was developed. Back in the day, the motto “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” was evidently not in common usage.

  2. Toronto says: February 16, 20129:32 pm

    You gotta admit, though, that the possibility of a tank’s cannon defending its own beaching is kinda a bitchin’ idea. Think of the visuals.

  3. Hoofie says: February 17, 20127:43 am

    Look at how small the gun is on the tank – you would be better off throwing rocks at the enemy.

  4. JMyint says: February 17, 20128:37 am

    Hoofie, the tank in the drawing appears to be a stylized Christie tank. This may surprise you but the vast majority of tanks produced from 1917 until 1942 were armed with 37mm guns.

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