Mono-Scooter Is Speedy (Nov, 1936)

Mono-Scooter Is Speedy

With a little practice, you can get more speed out of this mono-scooter than out of a pair of roller skates. It is made from two roller-skate wheels and a hardwood block as wide as the shoe and about 5 in, longer. Round the ends of the block and slot them to take the wheels. Steel rods serve as axles, and washers are placed on either side of each wheel to keep it true. These should be lubricated. Triangular blocks serve as heel and toe plates, and a single toe strap keeps the scooter on the shoe. Tilting the foot to one side brings the block into contact with the sidewalk to get efficient braking

  1. Rick Auricchio says: November 10, 20086:15 pm

    In-line skates!

  2. David Moisan says: November 14, 200810:52 pm

    More like Heelies.

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