More Christmas Suggestions (Dec, 1936)

Apparently typewriters were the must-have gift that season. They make up three out of 13 suggestions.

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More Christmas Suggestions

For the junior scientist what would be more appropriate than this photo electric eye apparatus. Motors can be made to run by waving your arm, burglar alarms installed without wiring and music can be produced from varying light beams.

Any member of the family will appreciate a flashlight. This model features a chrome case and a positive contact thumb switch.

For the handy man a good saw is a worthy-gift and one which he will appreciate. A streamlined sled that steers will meet the fancy of youths of all ages. An easily operated steering bar controls sled’s direction.

Another typewriter that will make an excellent gift for someone. This neat machine is the next thing to a full size type. A canoe such as the one shown below will add many pleasant hours to next summer’s trip.

Around and around it goes. This toy merry-go-round operates like the familiar railroad hand car and can be set up either indoors or out. It accommodates four children. Below What shop enthusiast wouldn’t appreciate this complete workshop, tool chest. Chest includes every hand type of woodworking tool used in the shop.

Popular for home use this new portable features a paper support rack. Extra long carriage return bar makes it easy to operate.

Balloon tires, combined horn and light and tool box case are a few of this bicycle’s features. Right – all-wave radio set is something that the whole family will enjoy for years to come.

  1. Alex says: December 21, 201111:24 am

    I like that photoelectric eye and flash light! They should have put them together. Also those elves at the top kinda freak me out on how they are all fat and naked!

  2. Nomen Nescio says: December 21, 201111:26 am

    i remember flashlights just like that one from my childhood. geez, that technology must’ve lasted thirty or forty years then?

    nowadays i carry a three-AAA LED flashlight that’s maybe a tenth of the size, small and light enough that i can actually carry it on my belt and not look too ridiculous, puts out probably five or six times the lumens, and doesn’t burn out any bulbs. i can’t swear to it because i don’t remember, but i’ll bet the modern one doesn’t need its batteries changed as often either.

    i like the bike frame on the next page, though. that style’s coming back into fashion these days.

  3. Alex says: December 21, 201111:47 am

    @Nomen Nescio I was at my local Ace hardware just last Sunday and they had a modern flashlight of this design for sale for about $4 to my amazement. My dad was not shocked that they still had that kind around but I bought it and the light output is pitiful for how big it is. Hell the two pack of led flashlights you can get at Harbor Freight Tools is both cheaper and brighter than that big *** Ace light will ever be. Not to mention HF has a coupon for a free one almost every damn week!

  4. Stephen Edwards says: December 21, 201111:57 am

    They really should have typeset the captions separately.

    “What handman wouldn’t appreciate a finely made hand saw, above, just the thing for cutting in half a fun children’s sled, such as the one below.”

  5. Charlene says: December 21, 20111:27 pm

    I’m not sure if I would want a flashlight as a Christmas gift, but everyone else’s mileage may vary on that. When I was 12, though, I would have loved that typewriter.

  6. Nomen Nescio says: December 21, 20113:13 pm

    flashlights are handier than i had thought back before i started carrying a small one everywhere. or maybe it’s just my eyes aging. i find myself using it not so much in “it’s too pitch dark to see” situations, but quite often in “it’s too dim to see that pesky little tiny detail i need” scenarios. real pitch darkness usually only happens when i go to the bathroom at night and can’t be bothered to walk across the room to hit the light switch; a flashlight on the nightstand does the job well enough.

    just don’t get a flashlight like that one, though. still being sold or not, those are museum pieces nowadays. too big, too heavy, and too dim to be worth using.

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