More Doctors smoke Camels THAN ANY OTHER CIGARETTE (Aug, 1946)

According to a recent Nationwide survey – More Doctors smoke Camels THAN ANY OTHER CIGARETTE

Everybody knows him… Early or late, he’s a familiar figure to every policeman on the street —he’s the Doctor—he’s on an emergency call!

A Doctor’s life isn’t his own to live as he chooses. There are interrupted holidays and vacations and nights of broken sleep. Emergencies require his presence for long, exacting hours . . . with somewhere a pause and perhaps the pleasure of a cigarette. Then back to his job of serving the lives of others.

The makers of Camels are naturally proud of the fact that, out of 113,597 doctors who were asked recently to name the cigarette they preferred to smoke, more doctors named Camel than any other brand. This survey was nationwide, covered doctors in every branch of medicine — nose and throat specialists too. Three nationally known independent research agencies made and vouch for the findings.

Try Camels. Make the “T-Zone” test

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  1. Abdul Alhazred says: February 2, 20082:36 pm

    Despite everything there are still some doctors who smoke, right? So there must be one brand most smoked by doctors.

    I wonder which brand. Still Camels?

    I wonder if the cigarette companies know which brand and keep it quiet.

    Wait a minute. Doctors made house calls? 😮

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