More Than a Million In Daily Use (May, 1924)

More Than a Million In Daily Use

Chevrolet is the world’s most popular quality car. More than a million are in constant use for almost every transportation requirement.

Add to this broad utility, its well-known economy of operation, modern equipment and design, quality features, and low prices and you have the reasons for Chevrolet’s unprecedented growth.

Those who must buy for maximum economy find that Chevrolet delivers lowest average mileage costs, price, operation and maintenance included.

Those who want and can pay for quality get it in Chevrolet at least cost.

Prices f.o.b. Flint, Michigan
Superior Roadster – $490
Superior Touring – 495
Superior Utility Coupe – 640
Superior 4-Passenger Coupe – 725
Superior Sedan – 795
Superior Commercial Chassis – 395
Superior Light Delivery – 495
Utility Express Truck Chassis – 550

Fisher Bodies on all Closed Models Chevrolet Dealers and Service Stations everywhere. Applications will be considered from high-grade men only, for territory not adequately covered.

Division of General Motors Corporation
Detroit, Michigan

In Canada—Chevrolet Motor Company of Canada, Limited, Oshawa, Ontario

  1. Kosher Ham says: February 4, 201112:52 pm

    Take your pick– Ford or Chevy.

  2. Daniel Rutter says: February 4, 20118:30 pm

    Ford manufactured two million Model Ts in 1924 alone, and had sold 15 million of ’em by 1924.

    Ladies and gentlemen, lift your glasses to the Chevy ad guys and their redefinition of their product as a “quality” car, thus removing it from comparison with the “non-quality”, and admittedly somewhat tricky to drive, Model T.

    (The equivalent of this dodge in modern car advertising would be the ubiquitous term “in its class”.)

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