Most Bad Breath Begins with the Teeth! (Dec, 1936)

Damn that plaque ceiling! Seriously, a memo about someone’s breath?

Most Bad Breath Begins with the Teeth!

Why let bad breath interfere with success — with happiness? It’s so easy to be safe when you realize that by far the most common cause of bad breath is . . . improperly cleaned teeth!

Authorities say decaying food and acid deposits, in hidden crevices between the teeth, are the source of most unpleasant mouth odors—of dull, dingy teeth — and of much tooth decay.

Use Colgate Dental Cream. Its special penetrating foam removes these odor-breeding deposits that ordinary cleaning methods fail to reach. And at the same time, Colgate’s soft, safe polishing agent cleans and brightens the enamel — makes your teeth sparkle.

Be safe—be sure! Brush your teeth . . . your gums . . . your tongue . . . with Colgate Dental Cream at least twice daily and have cleaner, brighter teeth and a sweeter, purer breath. Get a tube today!

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