Most credit cards are given away. You must apply for The New Money. (Mar, 1970)

Most credit cards are given away. You must apply for The New Money.

Last year, more than 15 million credit cards were given away.

We have never given away the American Express Card— The New Money. ”

On the contrary You must fill out an application and, if you qualify, you must pay an annual fee of $15. Even success-full men like New York Yankee baseball President Michael Burke did it.

Our membership is made up largely of businessmen and professional people who travel and entertain for their companies. The minimum annual salary requirement is $7500 a year. But, frankly, your chances of getting our card will improve immeasurably if you make more.

Pick up an application for the Money Card at restaurants, airlines, hotels, motels, rent-a-cars, gasoline stations, and specialty shops worldwide. Or write for one: American Express Card, Box 668, New York, New York 10003.

The New Money offers you an enormous choice of restaurants in Los Angeles and around the world. Look for the American Express Card shield. 9 It’s your guide to good eating.

Pacific Dining Car, Los Angeles and Newport Beach.

Cook’s Steak House, Los Angeles.

Mascola’s Restaurant, Santa Ana.

Chez Cary, Orange.

Villa Nova, Newport Beach.

Marine Room at the Newporter Inn, Newport Beach.

Woody’s Wharf, Newport Beach.

Matador, West Los Angeles.

Fox and Hounds, Santa Monica.

Yamato’s, Century City.

Robaire’s, Los Angeles.

Donkin’s Inn, Marina del Rey.

The Stuft Shirt, Pasadena.

Sam’s Cafe, Torrance.

Sir Michael’s, City of Commerce.

Rocco’s, Downey.

The Castaway’s, Pomona.

Trader Vic’s at the Beverly Hilton, Beverly Hills.

The Luau, Beverly Hills.

9000 Restaurant, Hollywood.

The Four Trees, Hollywood.

The Corsican, Hollywood.

The Ram’s Horn, Encino.

The Yankee Pedlar, Burbank.

Four Seasons Restaurant, Yosemite National Park.

You’ll find thousands of other restaurants in our regional and worldwide dining and entertainment directories. And if you don’t yet have The New Money, pick up an application at these restaurants. Or write: American Express Card, Box 668, N.Y., N.Y. 10003.



  1. 2sk21 says: September 13, 201112:02 pm

    Amex was really pitched to the elite back in those days. An yet, just 16 years later, I was able to get an Amex card in 1986 while I was an impoverished grad student. Looks like standards really fell.

  2. Hirudinea says: September 13, 20111:57 pm

    I wouldn’t want to be in any club that would have as a member, well and charged me $15 (see, I’m cheap, why in the hell would I want to be in a club that would have me!?)

  3. Toronto says: September 13, 20112:32 pm

    I wonder if that was Michael Burke’s real Amex card number?

    And when did they start using “Charles F Frost”?

  4. R Dijcks says: October 4, 20117:30 pm

    If a company can make people feel like they are special or part of an elite “club”, even if it means paying for the feeling, they will do it. I could NEVER understand the appeal of a card membership that:
    1. Charges for membership
    2. Has/had a lower likelihood of being accepted at a wide variety of locations (visa and MC have a much larger footprint)
    3. Has/had an UNKNOWN credit “limit”. Who wants to try and pay for a meal all but to find out their credit is used up even though one doesn’t know what that limit is?

    When Costco Wholesale offered a FREE Amex Card, as part of their combo membership, I took “advantage” of it, but to be honest, I never felt any more “special” than I did with my other credit cards. I still had to pay my monthly bill, and membership did nothing for me when times were tough. They still wanted their (my) money, and if I didn’t pay, I was confident that being a “member” would be of no help.

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