“Mother Goose” Bungalow Shelters Nesting Ducks (Nov, 1938)

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“Mother Goose” Bungalow Shelters Nesting Ducks

Looking as if it had been plucked right from the pages of a “Mother Goose” book, a bungalow for ducks stands on the shore of an artificial lake in Alexandria, Minn. This fairy tale cottage with sloping Walls

and crooked chimney has shuttered windows and flower boxes, and the glassed windows are indirectly illuminated at night with electric lights hidden in shallow boxes inside the window frames. It appears, at night, to be a busy little hotel, but the hundred or more residents of “Duck Inn” sleep inside in complete darkness.

“Ammonia Suit” for Rescue Unit Protects Skin from Burns

To protect firemen and rescue squads from irritating and dangerous gases, a combination suit and mask enveloping the entire body is provided. One of the most commonly encountered irritants is anhydrous ammonia, used extensively in commercial refrigeration, which can burn the skin in a very short exposure. The “ammonia suit” is made of rubberized airplane fabric, tested to prove it will shut out the gas. The trousers have feet attached, and fit well up to the armpits; the blouse has a drawstring at the waist, the blouse, hood and mittens being one piece. The mask, with breathing apparatus and fogproof eyepieces, is built in the front of the hood.

‘Two-Passenger’ Harmonica Has Room for Duets

That old favorite song about the “bicycle built for two” can now be played appropriately on a harmonica built for two. There is plenty of room for a duet, and you could have a trio without crowding too much. The 320-note mouth organ was introduced at a recent trade show of the music industries.

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